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It is always suggested to plan the house shifting in advance as you can never be more careful when it comes to making the right decision to move to a new house. It is better if you have quality time to calculate the right time of the year, month, and week to shift without much hassle. We, at LOTrucks would like to guide you through this process.

When it comes into season, winter is considered to be off-season and the best time to shift. This is the time when most of the movers and packers cut down their rates. Avoid the monsoon months for shifting, i.e., June to the first week of October. Rainy season can certainly prove to be a setback for moving.

Prefer Monday to Thursday

As for the days, try weekdays, preferably Monday to Thursday. This is because people mostly prefer to move in the weekend as their offices remain off in the weekend. This high demand leads to higher rates. So in order to save money, move in the weekdays. It is also good to move in the middle of the week as there will be fewer reservations during this time and you will easily get a booking at the lowest price. It might not be one of the most convenient days, but it is the best day.

Avoid Weekend

The days that you should avoid of the week are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Due to high demand, as mentioned earlier, the movers will have plenty of reservations on those days. This will give you a hard time to do the booking for local shifting and pay a higher price.

It might be, difficult but try to avoid the first day of the month for moving. This is the day when most people choose to move. Move a week before and you will get a better deal from your movers and packers in Bangalore. At LOTrucks, we have made home shifting in Bangalore a pleasant experience.

So if we have to summarize, it is suggested that you opt for a Tuesday or Wednesday. This is because most people move on the weekends and getting a booking will be difficult and it will come at a higher price that the weekdays. Do not plan your move during any major holiday, children’s exam time, etc. this might cause some problem internally at home and the members of the house. Try to move during the winter when few people are moving. This will help you to save the most money.

LOTrucks conducts the local shifting of goods for Bangalore and Chennai location with much ease. Contact us to do the booking. You can also use our app to complete your booking.

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