Essential packing materials you require before shifting

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packing material

Packing and shifting can be a tedious affair that is why I would always suggest you, hire a professional movers and packers. The most important materials that you need to do the packing are bubble wrap, carton boxes, newspapers, masking tapes, cotton clothes, etc.

As you decide to start the packing, make sure all these items are readily available to you. Some important points are given below:

  • Pack every item separately
  • Get differ sizes of carton boxes
  • Clean and wrap every item
  • Using good quality packing paper/wrapping sheets
  • Do not over-do the packing in one box
  • Overloading can result in the packing to destroy
  • Use multiple layers of wrapping for glassware
  • Put crushed newspapers to fill the empty space to avoid collision of goods
  • Pack according to room and then label the boxes
  • Pack the items of your daily needs at the end
  • Keep your documents in a separate folder and pack it separately
  • Seal the boxes and clean up the area
  • Disassemble the larger furniture to make the loading easy
  • Hiring a truck is always helpful in the loading and transporting
  • Get the goods insured

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Right way of packing

  • Isolate the heavy goods, delicate ones, main documents and other goods of daily requirements. This would enable you to arrange the goods properly in different boxes.
  • Start the packing much before the moving date, may be months before so that you need not finish the work at the end moment. Moving out can be stressful due to emotional and hence do it gradually and the task will be easy.
  • Hire a trusted moving company to ensure smooth moving and transferring your goods safely and on time to your new address.
  • Book the transportation well in advance so as to avoid running about to find the transport vehicles at the last minute of shifting is not suggested. Try to hire a truck, at least, a few days earlier than you are planning to shift.
  • Do not put down the empty space in the truck
  • Distribute the weight evenly throughout the truck to make the task easier by the trucks
  • Load the heaviest items against the walls of the truck
  • Keep the center of the floor open for easier loading
  • Pictures and mirrors should be kept inside the bedding/mattresses in a well-wrapped way
  • Tables should be disassembled and load if that can be done
  • Set the table against the wall of the truck
  • Store the couch at the end as it also takes up a lot of space and try to keep it vertically
  • Load the truck from floor to ceiling
  • Use packing straps to keep the items safe

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