First day after shifting into the new house

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home shifting first day in new house

Once you have decided to shift, hire a professional movers and packers. In Bangalore home shifting services are provided by many companies but you need to choose a reputed name that is known for their quality service. At LOTrucks, we provide the logistics service in both Bangalore and Chennai. You can book online and get our service at a very affordable price.
Today, we will talk about some of the important points that you should remember to follow just before you shift and also on the first few days after moving.
Security related
• Buy and install a new set of locks for the sake of safety and your peace of mind
• Check the garage area or the parking area as soon as you move in
• Make sure the keys that you received for the lockers, etc. are functioning well
Home basics
• Do the clean up before you reach the new house
• You can hire professional help if you do not have time to do the cleaning
• In case, you did not check the fixtures and countertops before moving, check properly on the first day and get it fixed if it needs
• Get the rooms painted
• In case, the house has mismatched outlets, discolored switch boards, etc.. then you should replace them to give it a better look with newness
• If you have a garden, then keep the trenches and shades ready for the plants
Call for friendly help
• After moving start to arrange your belonging in a systematic way and your friends will surely help you with this
• The children and the pets can spend time with your friends as you start arranging
• Share your new address with your closed ones
Electronics equipment
• Connect your internet plan at the new address
• Connect the energy
• Have the mechanical and other electronic gadgets cleaned up
• Be aware of the main circuit breaker; understand the water connection and the smoke detectors, etc.
Emergency kit
• Pack one unpacking box that will hold plumbing fixtures, masking tape, scissors, etc.
• Have a first aid box that will have band aids, antiseptic medicines, sanitizers, etc.
• Pack a snack box and keep some munchies along with tissue papers, and water
• Create another small miscellaneous box to keep phone’s charger, wallet, etc.
If you can follow these basic points immediately before you move and on the first few days, your task will get easier. It will less exhausting and time-consuming. You will be able to keep yourself calm and get done with the arrangement within the time frame. In addition to that as already been mentioned at LOTrucks, we provide you smooth and on-time service. This will enable even better house shifting experience for you.

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