Guidelines for unpacking the goods after moving at the new place

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unpacking goods

You might find many goods movers in Bangalore, but we at LOTrucks have established as a trusted and professional name in the logistic field of work. You can book a service with us for house, furniture and goods shifting in any part of the city and we would deliver your goods safely on time. Now let us talk about the unpacking the goods process once we help you out with the shifting process.

Consider this as the last step to settle down in your new home and that idea itself will make the whole process a pleasant experience. We are not saying that is easy, nevertheless with proper planning and execution, your work can get much easier and quicker than you thought.

Kitchen area:

You need to start unpacking the kitchen at first as it needs to be functional, organized, and comfortable to use. Since the kitchen is the place where a lot of family time gets to spend, you need to arrange this place before touching the other areas. If you have labeled the boxes, it would be easier for you to know what is where and quickly complete the task of arranging the kitchen.

Wipe the counter clean before placing the kitchen goods. Arrange the big appliances like refrigerator, oven, cooking gas, etc. and then place the cutting board and cutleries, knives, etc. Keep the fragile/delicate items packed away as you do not need them on a daily basis. Keep the kitchen soaps and detergent and other toxic products away from the children’s reach.


Arrange the shower towels, toiletries, etc. the place because the use of a bathroom can be required at any point of time even while you are unpacking.


Place the furniture before unpacking clothes and other necessary things of the bedrooms. Unpack according to the season as some goods you might not need to unpack depending on the climate outside. Arrange the kids’ rooms first and let them involve in the process as that would quicken the task and make the kids feel as cozy at the new home.

Living room:

Living space is mostly used to socialize and entertainment purpose, so ensure that the electronic equipment like the home theatre, speakers, etc. are properly connected.

Few other points:

  • Ensure that you have quality time to unpack as it is a long process and can leave you exhausted if you have a lot of goods
  • If you have small kids, hire a babysitter for a few days till you finish most of the unpacking
  • Get organized and do not try to unpack everything in one day if you have too many things to unpack
  • Get rid of the unnecessary things that you would never use
  • Take small breaks in between the process as that will keep you refreshed and energized
  • Take help from friends and family as it is always better to have a few more helping hands than you doing the entire work

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