How to set goods in moving truck

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Arranging the carton boxes, heavy furniture, delicate items, etc. in the moving truck can be quite a challenge, but with the right strategy and simple methods you can overcome this situation. Let us understand how some simple methods of packing can make a difference in your packing style.

The points are as follows:

  • Do not leave the unused space
  • Do not leave behind any items behind because you did not pack well
  • Depending upon the types of your luggage you can either load large items or the other boxes at first
  • Distribute the weight evenly throughout the truck
  • If you distribute the weight evenly it will make the truck easier to control once you get on the road
  • Load the heaviest items against the walls
  • Keep the middle of the floor open for easier loading
  • Pictures and mirrors should be slid in between the mattresses in a well-wrapped and packed away
  • Tables can take up a lot of space in the truck so disassemble it and load it if that can be done
  • If the table cannot be disassembled keep the storage boxes under the table to occupy that space better
  • Set the table against the wall of the truck
  • Store the couch at the end as it also takes up a lot of space and try to keep it vertical
  • Keep the small boxes stack up on the bookshelves to use that space
  • Load the truck from floor to ceiling
  • Use packing straps to keep the items safe
  • Strap down sections at a time for the optimum safety

Here are some other important points need to taken care

Segregate your luggage into heavy goods, delicate items, essential documents, and other daily goods. This would enable you to arrange the things properly in different boxes. Start the packing, at least, a month before the moving date. This will make your task easier, less stressful, and you need not complete the packing in a few days time.

Packing and moving out is not only physically stressful, but even emotionally it can be draining. To make it easier call your friends and close people and do the work together. Get many boxes for packing and do the arrangement patiently and not in a hurry.

Last but not the least, hire a trusted moving company. LOTrucks can help you with that with our swift and safe service. We are the expert in the logistics business and you can also read the feedback from our previous customers to get a better idea about us.

Book the transportation in advance to avoid the queue and get on with a smooth shifting process. So it is always a good thing to book mini trucks and start the relocation.

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