Important tips for moving your garden

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That little kitchen garden in the backyard or the flower garden in the open courtyard is very special, we know. Garden not only adds the aesthetic value to the house, but it is healthy to live amidst greenery. And when you pay additional care to plant and nurture these living creatures, it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. So when you are shifting your home, it becomes obvious that you would want to move your garden as well. LOTrucks can provide you with mini trucks for rent in Bangalore for this purpose. Let us read on some of the valuable tips that would prove to be beneficial in the entire process of moving your garden at the time of home shifting.

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Create a temporary nursery

Set up a temporary nursery in the new home in advance so that immediately after you move, you can place them back in the soil. Create a shaded and airy place for this purpose otherwise the plants will dry up. You can select some place under big trees where natural shade is available. If you do not find shades, you can always build it with a few planks dig the soil as temporary planting holes.
You need to dig deep trenches so that the entire root ball of each plant fits there. The shrubs will require bigger trenches so dig that first and smaller trenches can be dug after that. You need to know how many trenches you will have to dig depending upon the number of plants you have.

Steps to follow while moving

  • You may want to remove about 1/3 of the plant’s stems as that would reduce the weight and space. (It is not applicable for every plant)
  • Water the plants before you unearthed
  • Ensure the roots does not get dried up once you remove it from the soil
  • Cut through the roots using a good sharp shovel so as to pull out soil that is sufficient to keep the plant hydrate till to put it back in the soil
  • For shrubs and other large plants, dig a 6-inch wide trench around the plant
  • Cut the excess roots and not break while removing from the soil
  • Keep the roots along with the soil moist by wrapping it in wet jute sacks or keep them in large buckets

Plant Container & Troughs

Most garden plant container and troughs are never shifted, and any cold scratch is not revealed until taking away or picking them up, and sometimes plant pot breaks in a piece. This is somewhat general. If you are concerned about this, empty the insides to get the strain from the plant container or trough. You need to take care of this broken plant container, as it looks very tricky to pick up as they can be covered in roots and wet from inside. Do not forget to trim as there is nothing messier than a limb stabbing on your face, ear as you attempt to lift especially deep root in plant container or trough.

move your garden

Steps to follow after moving

  • Water your healing trenches properly before placing the plants into it
  • Cut off the damaged roots and while placing them remember to keep a small space between each root ball
  • Keep watering this temporary patch of garden after short intervals of time
  • Make sure that the slugs and snails are not around
  • Do not add manure or another form of fertilizers, but keep watering till you permanently move the plants in your new garden

At LOTrucks, we provide you safe moving services and assure you to relocate your garden at the destination.

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