Moving House? Know more about what to keep and what to give away

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3 things are certain in life:
1. Death
2. Taxes and..
3. Somewhere someone stuck between life chaos and emotional turmoil about shifting his house and more importantly what to keep and what stuffs to give away.

Well, we can’t help with 1st and 2nd, however, this blog post surely will provide you valuable tips on 3rd… Absolutely no doubt about it.

If you want to skip this whole blog due to time constraint, then you can quickly download this quick checklist and save your time.

If you want to skip this whole blog due to time constraint, then you can quickly download this quick checklist and save your time.
Click here to access 8 checklists in knowing what to keep and what to give away.

Shifting house is a emotional process – sometime good and sometime bad..
Moving house is a tedious task. Let us make it easier for you. LOTrucks provides you movers’ service in Bangalore wherein we load your house goods from the current location and take it to your new address. But before the final packing and sending those goods off to your new house there are certain tips that might help you in efficient packing.

Here is a list of items that you can just leave behind as it would not serve anyone or donate or sell them off.

Unwanted furniture – There would be possibly a broken tool or armchair in the corner or a shoe rack of yesteryears which you are not going to use in the new house. You need to carry them along.
Old clothing and shoes – Those clothes that are not worn in years, a pair of shoes that only looks good in the cupboard or probably used for so many years that has lost its colour, give them away. Someone might actually be in need of those. Out of some attachment or thinking that you might need to use them one fine day will only increase you packing.
Old unwanted papers – There is possibly a stash of old receipts, bills, old calendars that have no purpose anymore. Give them away for recycling purpose.
Expired and non-functional machines – You probably had kept that grinder or old washing machine to repair. You might have actually tried repairing them but not much luck. Just leave them behind while packing as they will only occupy more space in the truck and your new home without any purpose.
Utensils, plastic containers, and cutleries – The chipped mugs, cups, the pots and pans that do not serve its purpose anymore. Some of the plastic containers would be without lids, faded colours, or got stains on them. You need not carry them to the new house. Leave them all behind or a better the idea is to give them away to the needy.
Unused linen – The torn, faded, unmatched linen which you do not make use of and definitely do not give the guests to use, are not meant to be carried to your new home.
Gadgets – There is absolutely no reason to carry the unnecessary gadgets that are broken down, no need to carry that outdated and bulky machine with you. Expired gadgets or worn out batteries and all that cords. Give them away.
Packaged spices and foods – There will an expiry date for every packaged food. If you are the one to have a big storage of these then you should check the expiry date and throw the ones that have crossed the date.
Miscellaneous goods – Things like damaged toys, unnecessary baby products as your baby has grown up are of no good to you.

Hope it proves to be helpful. And we, LOTrucks are always there to provide you with the successful shifting of goods for Bangalore and Chennai location.

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