Shifting Home? Pack your Art Collection Skillfully

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pack your art collection

Packing your belongings can be a difficult task. But it is a part and parcel of moving to a new place. And the real struggle for many of us is packing our art collection. They are usually delicate and fragile that needs extreme caution and care while packing. If you want your antiques and art collection to be in the perfect state while shifting, you need to ensure that the packing is done properly. The movers in Bangalore are quite experienced in shifting such items but when it comes to packing them, this blog might help you.

Here is a few effective tips help to pack your artifacts like professionals:

For the unframed paintings:

  • Wrap your paintings in organic tissue papers
  • Then wrap in plastic
  • Place them in a box with space between the paintings
  • The idea is to ensure that the painting does not get torn or pierced

For the framed paintings:

  • Warp the art by using lightweight or middleweight paper grades
  • Protect the frame from getting scratched or stained
  • After the paper, grades wrap in bubble wrap
  • Put two cardboard pieces on both sides and put foam corners if the art is quite fragile
  • Ensure there is extra space on every side of the carton box that you are using to keep them
  • Finally, place a piece of foam inside the box
  • Ensure that the glass does not break

For the sculptures:

  • Wrap the two halves of the sculptures separately
  • Use bubble wrap and then tape it up
  • This adds to the security of the sculptures
  • Now keep it in a box with shredded papers
  • The shredded papers ensure that there would not be much movement

First and foremost the thing is to start the packing in a clean area. Do the packing on a big moving blanket or carpeted floor. Get the packing material in bulk amount and get on with the job. Packing of these delicate items should be done in a way that they stay intact while being shifted in the movers’ truck. Ensure that the sizes of the carton boxes are always a little bigger than the artifacts so that it fits well. If some of the frames of the wall paintings are too delicate use special wood crates for them. And finally do not forget to place ‘FRAGILE’ sticker on the carton boxes that are carrying your precious art collection.

Hopefully, these important tips will help you in your artifacts packing at the time of shifting home. Since mostly these objects are extremely delicate, we tend to get more worried as to how can we prevent any kind of damage to them while shifting house. But if we just follow the above-mentioned tips I am sure it will become an easy task.

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