House moving takes a lot of time, patience, and arrangements. It is always a pleasant experience to move to a better house but when it comes to packing the heavy, delicate, valuable, and expensive furniture, we need to ensure that it stayed prevented from any kind of damage. At LOTrucks, we provide professionals service to move your belongings safely at your new address. You can hire trucks for furniture shifting in Bangalore by placing an online order. However, here are a few valuable and handy tips when it comes to packing. These will help you to manage the tedious task of packing with lesser effort.
1. Heavy furniture needs more help – Take help of a few people to pack the heavy shelves, cupboards, dressers, etc. Hold them diagonally with top and bottom carried by two people.
2. Slide them, don’t lift – This is applicable mostly for the heavy furniture. Sliding them for arranging is a better option than trying to lift them. In that way you neither damage yourself not the furniture.
3. Empty your furniture before moving – Emptying your cupboards, credenza, etc. before shifting is always a better idea. This reduces the weight of the furniture and makes it easy to carry them out and arrange at the new place.
4. Dismantle the parts of the furniture – If you dismantle the furniture, it actually becomes much lighter and easier to pack, carry, and then arrange it back at your new house. You also get more space while shifting this way.
5. Decide in advance as to which furniture fits where – Draw the arrangement of furniture in a piece of paper as per the design of the house. Stick that paper somewhere in the house wall as this also helps the movers to keep the furniture at the right place as you want.
6. Get the moving blankets to pack – Moving blankets are very important to prevent any kind of damages to your expensive and delicate furniture. Wrap them in moving blankets and the roll in stretch film. This also keeps the goods water proof.
7. Use bubble wraps for packing glass items – Bubble wrap is the safest way to pack the fragile glass items. Staring from decorative pieces to glass utensils, you can pack them up with bubbles wrap before putting in the carton boxes.
8. Cover jewellery display stands with press n seal – It is an effective way to move your jewellery display stands intact to the new house. All the jewellery would stay in its place and there would be no missing out or damage of any kind if you wrap it with press n seal.
9. Give away the unwanted furniture – You can always give away the old furniture pieces that you wanted to sell off or donate. There will always be someone in need of that furniture. Give them away to reduce the burden of packing and moving.
10. Label your carton boxes – It is a systematic way to keep a track of your goods. If you packing the small furniture or other commodities in boxes, please mark them up. This would help you to find the right product while unpacking.

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